Ship's provision

Include: Grain and edible oil, Cigarettewinesugar and tea, Frozen porkbeef and mutton, Poultry and eggs, Sea food, Canned food, Soft drinks, Milk product, Flavoring, Fruits and vegetables etc..

Ship's home articles

Include: Clothesshoes and hats, cutlery and kitchenware, medicine, stationery, daily use merchandise, camera equipments, literary and sport article, furniture, handicraft product, building and decoration material, cleaning and lavatory material, hardware and electrical product, chemical and engineering product etc..

Ship's material

Include: ship valves, navigation lamp, ropes and hawsers, pulley equipments, ship's paints, safety equipment, hoses and coupling, nautical equipment, hardware product, packing and jointing, electrical and pneumatic tools, hand cutting tools, measuring tools, metals material, pipe and tube fittings, bearings, welding equipments, electric appliances equipments etc

Ship's spare parts

Include: electrical rust remove, pneumatic tools and fittings, ships spare bulbs etc..

Duty-free merchandise

Include: Duty-free cigarette, duty-free wine, duty-free watch, mineral water etc. daily articles.

Warehouse-leasing service

Include: House, warehouse, field and equipments lease.

Ship's store collecting service

Include: The ship's material collect, frozen fish collect.

Other service item

Include: The ships repair, laundry washing, sight-seeing trip tour, travel service, service engineering etc..

Import & export Trade

Include: All kinds of products for light industry And farm byproducts etc













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